Challenger 2

The Best Tank in the world is now available in 1/6 scale. At six foot long (with the gun), the longest 1/6 scale RC Tank we do. It is 23" wide, and 56" long without gun, including rear fuel drums. All up weight 90kgs. Now on 24v giving a speed of 5 to 6 mph with fantastic agility. Awesome realistic V12 Perkins diesel sounds make this model one of; if not the most impressive RC Tank we do in 1/6th. The real Challenger 2, which I have been lucky enough to drive, is a proven battle winner. NO losses to the enemy being recorded. The Challenger 2 also holds the record for the greatest distance in knocking out an enemy tank; at almost 3 miles! Something for Great Britain to be proud of.




1/6 scale Challenger 2

56” long by 23” wide by 17” tall, 72” long with gun up to 95kgs. Prices from £3300. Email for prices with options detail level 24v power.