ISU 152

The ISU 152 assault gun, or more famously known as the "Animal Killer", was feared by all Tiger and Panther crews, because of its ability to knock out the Big German Cats with its 152mm Howitzer. Built on the JS 2 chassis, it was well armoured, and about as mobile as a Tiger 1. At about 48,000 KGs, it was an impressive beast on the battlefield. Its huge main gun was more than capable of removing the complete turret from a Tiger, not to mention its devastating HE rounds against infantry strongpoint’s. The 1/6th Model, performs just like the 1/6th JS 2, a great runner, the tracks can get very very loose without problem, and as the main gun is not too long, is less likely to cause problems negotiating steep slopes.




1/6 scale ISU 152

44” long by 22” wide by 18” tall, 59” long with gun up to 85kgs. Prices from £3200. Email for prices with options detail level and 12v or 24v power.