The JS2 was reckoned to have been fitted with the biggest gun in any turreted tank of WWII. Built by the Russians to take on the Tigers, its 122mm gun had such kinetic energy that a round could blow a turret right off an enemy tank, without even penetrating its armour! A well-known Panther commander was asked in an interview after the war, "what was the most feared tank on the Western and Eastern fronts?" He replied, "on zee Vestern front, zee Royal Air force, on zee Eastern front, zee JS2". Not as well armoured as the Tigers, and like all Russian tanks not renowned for its crew comfort and optics, it was nevertheless extremely reliable. When you see pictures of them operating with such loose tracks, you realise how little maintenance they needed in order to keep running. If you had tried to operate any German tank with similarly loose tracks, the tracks would have come off! This is exactly the same with their respective models. The JS2 model runs well with excellent manoeuvrability, but watch the overhang on that gun! The JS2 looks really great in 1/6th scale.




1/6 scale JS2

44” long by 22” wide by 18” tall, 68” long with gun up to 85kgs. Prices from £3200. Email sales@mark-1-tank.co.uk for prices with options, detail level and 12v or 24v power.