Based on the Panther but equipped with the high velocity 88mm gun from the King Tiger, this was a truly awesome tank. It had tremendous hitting power combined with the amour and versatility of the Panther. Thankfully for the allies, Germany made only about 380 of them! The Jagdpanther model in 1/6th scale will perform much the same as the Panther, but you will need to be careful with that BIG gun! It is excellent for stabbing mud banks!


jagdpanther-245b.jpg   jagdpanther-248b.jpg  


1/6 scale JagdPanther

46” long by 22” wide by 18” tall, 58” long with gun up to 95kgs. Prices from £3200. Email sales@mark-1-tank.co.uk for prices with options, detail level and 12v or 24v power.