King Tiger

With its angular lines, high velocity 88mm gun and immense size the King Tiger is without doubt the most impressive tank from WWII. When operating to its full capability it was a very difficult tank to beat, especially if you were in a Sherman! If you compare one of these monsters with a Sherman then every allied crew deserved a medal! With its wide tracks it was a lot more manoeuvrable than at first thought and it could traverse places that the narrower tracked allied tanks could not. However, it’s all up weight of 69,000kgs put great stress onto its final drive system. A King Tiger needed a very good driver to get the best out of it. As with most German tanks, it was extremely well engineered but much too complicated and time consuming to build in the large numbers needed by the German Army. It was difficult to mass-produce unlike the Russian T34. Still, it is a good for us tank enthusiasts that they were made at all as they now make very impressive models.



1/4 scale King Tiger!
At over 6' long in the body, by 38” wide, 8’ long with gun, this IS the largest RC Tank currently available to buy in the World. All up weight around 250kgs, powered by 2 x 500w 24v motors using our own HKMAS drive system solely fitted in the UK, this is pure ground crunching mayhem, absolutely awesome!

Price on application, email




1/6 scale King Tiger

48” long by 25” wide by 18” tall, 68” long with gun up to 95kgs. Prices from £3300.

Email for prices with options, detail level and 12v or 24v power.