Panther G

The Panther G is possibly the best tank from WWII. Once its known defects were overcome, including its tendency to 'brew up', it was widely recognised by the purists as the best tank of World War II. It had good armour and an excellent 75mm high velocity gun that had even better penetrating power than the 88mm gun in the Tiger 1. It was also highly manoeuvrable and like all German tanks it also had the best optics of the day. Altogether this meant that the Panther an awesome foe. Over 6000 were manufactured. With hindsight, had the Germans built only Panthers and not Tigers (luckily for us they didn't), they would have had the capacity to produce over 10,000 of them! That might have at least lengthened the war. So Mr Hitler made a 'right' decision when he went for those impressive but overly complicated Tigers! As in real life the Panther model is more manoeuvrable than a Tiger. This shows up in their superior climbing ability that is mainly down to their better design of track. I have seen one climb a 70 degree slope easily!



1/4 scale Panther G

Probably the finest Tank of WW2, the 1/4 Panther is Very well detailed in standard format, including metal removable side guards and rear stowage bins with all hatches opening. At 210 kgs and 6 mph it is a lively agile performer just like its 1/1 cousin. Like all our 1/4 Range it is Tough and durable offering endless hours of fun. Dimensions are 7' 3" long with gun, 5' 7" without, 32.5" wide by 28" tall. Price on application, email




1/6 scale Panther G

46” long by 22” wide by 18” tall, 56” long with gun up to 95kgs.

Prices from £3200.

Email for prices with options, detail level and 12v or 24v power.