Sdkfz 251 C

1/6 scale fully radio controlled Half Track. Replicating the running gear of the original, with fully working tracked suspension, pneumatic front tyres and pivot style front suspension. Having most of the weight over the front wheels, enables the Half Track to steer very well with just turning them. For sharper turns, you can slow down the inside track to make it very manoeuvrable for its design. We have set up the Radio Control to have the throttles on one stick, the steering on another, and MG and gun sounds on the same stick as the steering. If you move the steering and throttle stick the same way, you can do sharper turns, but just using one hand to steer the front wheels is normally enough to control the 251 easily. A great success, it is enormous fun to drive, and if you connect a Pak 40 gun to tow around, makes very interesting driving, especially if reversing! It comes with full interior detail, including steering wheel, dashboard, vinyl coated seats, storage bins, fully working opening rear doors, and all the electronics sit under the front engine hatch, for ease of use to switch on/off, and recharging and you can get 10 12” action figures inside it!

1-6th-251-german-half-track-1031b.jpg   1-6th-251-german-half-track-1034b.jpg


1/6 scale Sdkfz 251 C

38” long by 16” wide by 14” tall, up to 35kgs. Prices from £2300. Email for prices with options, detail level 12v power.