T34/85 & T34/76

This is the tank that changed the basis of tank design. It replaced the previous standard tank box shape with a sloping angular layout that deflected the blast of any shells that hit and increased the power they needed to penetrate the armour. The T34 gave the Germans a nasty shock in 1941. The Germans reacted by designing and producing the Tiger, Panther and King Tiger with similar blast deflector lines. Had its optics and gun been anywhere near as good as the Panther's, it would have been a strong candidate for best tank of WWII. A very reliable tank, it was excellent off road, great in snow and marsh lands (lots in Russia!) and easy to operate. Because of its track design, it was not the best of climbers (it lacked traction) but in all other aspects it outperformed the German tanks. The same is true even for the models! Being relatively simple to make the Russians manufactured many thousands and ultimately the weight of numbers told! It is still regarded as an all-time great tank and like the real one, the model needs virtually no maintenance. It just keeps going. Brilliant!



1/4 scaleT34/85

The most produced Tank of WW2, the 1/4 T34/85 is Very well detailed in standard format with all hatches opening. At 200 kgs and 7 mph it is a lively agile performer just like its 1/1 cousin. Like all our 1/4 Range it is Tough and durable offering endless hours of fun. Dimensions are 7' long with gun, 5’ without, 32." wide by 28" tall.

Price on application, email sales@mark-1-tank.co.uk




1/6 scale T34/85 and T34/76

40” long by 22” wide by 17” tall, 44” long with gun [ 53” T34/85 version ] up to 80kgs.Prices from £3000.

Email sales@mark-1-tank.co.uk for prices with options, detail level and 12v or 24v power.