The T90 is the Russian army's current Main Battle Tank. It is extremely fast and highly manoeuvrable. If you see film of one operating in the field, you will be amazed. Essentially, it is an up-armoured T72 with sophisticated infrared vision and a powerful 120mm gun with all the latest gun stabilisation controls. Built on a scale for 5 foot Russians, you get into one at your peril! I well remember an incident during the 2002 "War & Peace Show" when an M60 and a Chieftain were running around the arena. In came a T72 that proceeded to lap in half the time - very impressive. The T90 has a very low silhouette, making it difficult for opponents to spot. The 1/8th scale model has the same characteristics as the real tank, being fast and highly manoeuvrable. However, watch out for that long gun. Being low and with an extensive overhang, some fast turret turning may be needed to prevent it stabbing into the ground!




1/8 scale T90

38” long by 19” wide by 14” tall, up to 35kgs. Prices from £2200. Email sales@mark-1-tank.co.uk for prices with options, detail level and 12v or 24v power.