Willys Jeep

Using a true 4 Wheel drive mechanical system, to actually drive all 4 wheels together, so no independent wheel slippage with front and rear fully floating Axles. I am confident we have created the most capable 1/6th Off road radio controlled 4 wheeled Willys Jeep anywhere in the world. With up to 2” [5cms] of one wheel clearance before another becomes airborne it’s off road abilities are amazing, more so when fitted with the optional softer and wider “traction” wheels and tyres. The standard Jeep will come with fairly hard compound authentic looking Jeep wheels and tyres. Note, using these whilst looking correct, does limit off road capability slightly, more fun though! Having all 4 wheels locked you would think that the Jeep would not steer very well, this is not the case, the Willy’s follows its nose Very well, although like most capable 4WD off road vehicles the turning circle is around 150cms. Handily, engaging reverse is a very easy and a smooth operation. Being low geared, the Jeep is able to be driven at barely moving speed whilst still having plenty of power to climb up steep slopes and cover large obstacles easily. It is very smooth at these low speeds making it very realistic. However, the Jeep can still move along at 6mph if required and on rough ground without taking off! Using a standard 3800 milliamp 7.2v NiCad battery pack, the Jeep will run for over an hour, depending on conditions, speed etc. Note: due to the design of the transmission and motor mounting some interior space is compromised. There is an altered interior cover with the Kit available, or you can supply your own. This has been done to allow optimal performance over interior accuracy. As with all Mark-1-Tank products performance is king.



1/6 scale Willys Jeep

21” long by 10” wide by 18” tall, up to 5kgs. Prices from £695. Email sales@mark-1-tank.co.uk for prices with options, detail level and 7.2v power.

For £695 the Jeep includes:

2 ch 2.4g “steering wheel” RC, forwards brake and reverse proportional speed controller, steering using a metal geared hit torque servo, 7.2v battery holder cradle, Basic Jeep body bolt mounted [for easy removal] fitted with the standard Willy’s wheels and tyres. Add 7.2v battery and 4 x AA batteries to the RC and the Jeep is drivable. This level is for those who want to complete the build kit [included] for the Jeep body which is very well detailed, and paint and adapt the interior themselves.


Other available options are:

·         RC AA and 3800 milliamp 7.2v rechargeable batteries

·         Full Jeep kit assembly [many different versions available]

·         Painting with decals and weathering

·         Set of 4 traction tyres and Willys looking wheels [only really required for ultimate off-roading]

·         Automatic proportional correct Willys Jeep Engine sounds [utilises standard 2ch Steering wheel 2.4g RC]

·         Working steering wheel in proportion to front wheels steering movement

·         Modified 12” figure with moving arms to simulate driving the Jeep

·         Brass front bumper [highly recommended]

·         Working front lights