Radio Controlled Model Tanks
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Radio Controlled Model Tanks

The hull, top and turret are constructed of high density GRP up to 35mm thick, making them extremely strong, but light. The wheels are cast Aluminium, with rubber tyres where specified. Suspension beams are hardened steel with cast aluminium drop arms with coil sprung suspension. The Motors have an integral reduction gearbox, with external chain drive, very smooth, efficient, and reliable. There are over 70 bearings in each Tank. The performance of these Tanks needs to be seen to be believed, being very powerful and robust. Maintenance is minimal. The tracks are a Zinc/Aluminium cast construction, with stainless steel pins. Performance is 3 to 7 mph depending on gearing choice, climbing 60-degree slopes with ease, and able to go through any surface. Running times depends on type, scale and surface conditions, but all will run for a minimum 1 hour, most over 2 hours, longer with bigger batteries. The Tanks can run through water safely over the track top height, sometimes more!

These Models are extremely robust, and thrive on running, yet remain as practical as is possible with any large scale RC Tank.

Approximate 1/8th, 1/6th or 1/4 all up weights are:

1/4 King Tiger - 250kgs
1/4 Tiger 1 - 240kg
1/6th Maus - 150kg
1/6th Leopard 2 - 95kg
1/6th King Tiger - 95kg
1/6th Jagdtiger - 90kg
1/6th Elephant - 90kg
1/6th Tiger 1 - 85kgs
1/6th Panther - 85kg
1/6th Jagdpanther - 80kg
1/6th Puma - 50kg
1/6th 251 - 40kg
1/8th Tiger 1 - 35kg
1/4 T34/85 - 200kg
1/6th Challenger 2 - 95kg
1/6th Comet - 75kg
1/6th JS2 - 70kg
1/6th ISU 152 - 70kg
1/6th T34 - 65kg
1/8th Abrams - 40kg
1/8th AAVP7A - 40kg
1/8th T90 - 35kg
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