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Radio Controlled Model Tanks

Testing and After Sales Customer Information
Mark-1-Tank would like to give all our prospective customers a brief idea of some of our testing procedures, quality control and after sales services. We have tried to put into words (what is really a pleasure for us to perform for our customers) our testing procedures in a very simplistic form so please understand that what you read is only the tip of the iceberg of what we do to ensure our customers get full satisfaction when they buy one of our in-house assembled RC tanks. We record (tanks history log) every aspect of each tank so that the customer is confident that the product he/she purchases is of the highest quality.

Chassis and drive assembly (German Tanks)
Once the gearbox, motors, wheels, battery and speed controllers have been fitted, the chassis and drive assembly are stringently bench tested for a period of not less than one hour. This operation includes adjusting the idlers, track tension and suspension to ensure reliable running. This essential testing and running gear adjustment is critical for our German tanks. The original WWII tanks utilised a complicated running gear assembly that has been duplicated and used on its little bother, it is therefore important to ensure that the idlers and tracks are correctly adjusted so they all work as they did on its bigger WWII brother.

Chassis and drive assembly (Russian Tanks)
Russian style tanks will virtually run without any setting up because of their less complicated and more basic drive design, indeed you can nearly run them with the tracks coming off, where as if you tried this with a German tank, they would ride over the sprocket or idler, something that the real WWII tanks suffered with. You will see from looking at original WWII pictures of these tanks, most German tanks have their tracks fairly tight, where as the Russian tanks tracks are slack. As with the German tanks, the drive assembly is bench tested for a minimum of one hour before the next stage of their construction is started.

With the chassis and drive assembly proven, we move onto the turret and fitted options.

  • 9mm 6/5 shot blank gun re-cock device
  • Recoil mechanism
  • Gun elevation and turret turn device
  • Radio control device
  • Exhaust and smoke system
  • Sound system
  • 12V battery
  • Electrical wiring
  • Hatches

We carry out exhaustive tests to ensure that all options either fitted by us or supplied as a separate item to the customer are in good work order. We provide instructions on how to operate and maintain these optional extras and Health & Safety advice. Health and safety is paramount and all customers should read carefully the information/instruction documentation supplied with each unit.

Other Options - High Detail Kit Available
More information (pdf file) here
High Detail Kit available - pdf file(
You will need Acrobat Reader to view this file. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here to download the free reader first.)

Functional testing
Once all parts of the specific tank has been fitted and individually tested, we spend another period of time running the tank on our specially design test track. We understand we have the only test track of this type in the UK. Mud, grass, water and several slopes to climb and descend to ensure each tank meet our very high quality standards. A full and detailed visual inspection is then carried out (and recorded) to ensure that no damage has occurred during the function testing.

Painting and weathering
We can provide authentic painting, unit markings and weathering as required by the customer. If you have a favourite Camo pattern, and unit markings, we can replicate this. Museum quality paint and weathering finish, price on application.

Final testing
With the tank in its finished state, we drive it once again for a further half hour around our unique testing track specifically designed to make these fine working models meet our high quality standards. All batteries are recharged, and the tank is ready for collection, or delivery as required. (Delivery prices are on application, please email for details).

Customer collection
We insist that all customers when collecting their tank drive them around our test track for as long as they require to ensure their total satisfaction. For first time RC operators and even hardy professionals, we will provide as much advice as required so that the pure essence of being a Mark-1-Tank RC tank owner can be fully enjoyed.

After customer care
We currently offer a 24/7 help line, email and Internet discussion board facility to help all our customers enjoy our marvellous RC tanks. All positive comments are welcome and responded to either as a public response or individually if desired.

So far unlimited, within reason, unless blatantly misused or wear and tear. This does not mean forever!





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