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Radio Controlled Model Tanks

Brief history of the T90
T90 1/8th RC Model Tank
The T90 is the Russian army's current Main Battle Tank. It is extremely fast and highly manoeuvrable. If you see film of one operating in the field, you will be amazed. Essentially, it is an up-armoured T72 with sophisticated infrared vision and a powerful 120mm gun with all the latest gun stabilisation controls. Built on a scale for 5 foot Russians, you get into one at your peril! I well remember an incident during the 2002 "War & Peace Show" when an M60 and a Chieftain were running around the arena. In came a T72 that proceeded to lap in half the time - very impressive. The T90 has a very low silhouette, making it difficult for opponents to spot. The 1/8th scale model has the same characteristics as the real tank, being fast and highly manoeuvrable. However, watch out for that long gun. Being low and with an extensive overhang, some fast turret turning may be needed to prevent it stabbing into the ground!

Russian T90 1/8th
The hull is constructed of high density GRP, the wheels are all duralumium. Suspension beams are hardened steel with coil sprung suspension. The Gearbox casing is cast aluminium. Gears are of Thermo Treated steel. There are over 70 bearings in each Tank. The performance of these Tanks needs to be seen to be believed, being very powerful and robust. Maintenance is minimal. The tracks are a Zinc/Aluminium cast construction, with stainless steel pins. Performance is 3 to 5 mph depending on gearing choice, climbing 60-degree slopes with ease. With one 12v 7ah battery run time is approximately 22 minutes.

Price: GB£2075.00

Rolling Chassis

Price: GB£2800.00

With 6 Channel RC, Turn turret, Gun elevation, and Twin ESC with correct Engine sounds, complete with speakers and battery, painted in a base colour, all ready to go.

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Radio Controlled Model Tanks
Options for T90 1/8th


Price: GB£75.00

Gun Elevation

Price: GB£25.00

12v 7amph Battery

Price: GB£180.00

2 x Titan ESCs (for use without engine sounds)

Price: GB£165.00

Gun Fire Simulator (single shot Pyrotechnic)

Price: GB£350.00

Full proportional engine sounds with Twin ESC unit
(sounds original to each type of tank)

Price: GB£50.00

2 x 12v Speakers for Noise Simulator

Price: GB£125.00

Smoke Generator Fitted to have smoke out of exhausts

Price: GB£65.00

Smoke Control Unit
(only available with a fitted smoke generator machine)
Produces a puff of smoke on start up, which decreasing to nothing on tickover. As you drive the tank, the smoke increases gradually with the amount of throttle you use.

NB Prices above include fitting

High Detail Kit Available - more information (pdf file) here High Detail Kit available - pdf file
You will need Acrobat Reader to view this file. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here to download the free reader first.)

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Radio Controlled Model Tanks

All 1/4, 1/6th and 1/8th Tanks can either come painted in whatever colour you desire or just in primer so that you can paint your own colour scheme. Delivery prices for these large tanks are extra, available on application, please email for details).

Terms of Payment are 50% non refundable Deposit upon order, remainder upon delivery by cash or Bankers draft. Cheque payments and Bank Transfers are also accepted.

Mark-1-Tank is based in the UK and all prices are in GB Pounds. We reserve the right to change prices without prior notification. All items are subject to stock levels.





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